Do you want to be a Virtual Assistant

Do you want to be an administrative assistant?

Do you call yourself a Virtual Assistant and then have to explain what you do?

Because nowadays so many VAs specialise in something, the phrase is becoming meaningless.

There are Virtual Assistants who specialise in Social Media, Bookkeeping or Web Design. And I don’t understand why these VAs don’t say they’re a bookkeeper, a web designer or a social media marketer. Each of these are professions in their own right.

And then there are VAs who sell chunks of time and perform ad-hoc tasks on a transactional basis. Tasks like scheduling social media posts, collating data, conducting research and copy typing.

If you don’t fit within any of these descriptions, what do you call yourself? How about an Administrative Consultant?

An AC is an expert in business administration. This is their niche. They’re skilled at making businesses run as if they’re on rails. An Administrative Consultant provides ongoing, long-term, support across the whole business. This gives them a birds eye view so they can ensure every aspect of a business runs smoothly and profitably. Their role is to advise on administrative systems. To create the processes and select the software to support the business.

Every business needs experts but it’s not the Administrative Consultant’s job to be the expert in anything other than business administration. For example, a Marketing expert will create the Marketing Strategy. Then it’s the the AC’s role to create the infrastructure that will support the Strategy. Oftentimes, an AC will implement elements of the strategy but they’re not the Marketing expert. They’re the Business Administration expert who ensures things get done.

In the same way that a Marketing expert creates a marketing strategy for a business. An Administrative Consultant creates the administrative strategy. They identify the systems and processes which make the whole business run as if it’s on rails.

With 35 videos, 30 downloadable templates and 8 questionnaires ….
The Ace It Your Way programme is designed for folk who don’t want to perform ad-hoc tasks.

For folk who don’t want to be a VA who specialises in X or Y.

  • It’s a programme that shows you how to set up your Administrative Consultancy
  • It explains why you earn more money when you create packages
  • It explains why Value Based Pricing is good for your business
  • It will help you decide whether to be a sole trader or a limited company
  • All the nuts and bolts you need to create the business you want

And all of this in just 27 days for only £100 instead of the usual £800 price tag that’s attached to programmes like this.

Ace It Your Way features 35 videos, 8 questionnaires and 34 downloadable worksheets and templates.

Go take a look now and see for yourself.

You won’t be disappointed 😊