Do I have the right experience

Do i have the right experience in this field?

I’m often asked this question and for some the answer is yes and for others the answer is, not right now, but you will.

As an Administrative Consultant you need to be able to keep your clients’ businesses running efficiently and profitably. To do this you need to understand how each quadrant of a business fits together because they’re each as important as the other.

Right now, you might be an expert in just one or two aspects of business administration. And that’s enough to get you started because as you set up your own consultancy and learn everything about setting your own business you’ll gain a huge amount of experience about the areas you’re currently missing.

As you set up your business, you’ll learn how a business operates and its structure. You’ll create your own systems and processes, along with the operating structure that’s necessary for a business to be successful. All of this knowledge is what each of your clients’ needs.

Evaluate your current skills with a quick and easy questionnaire.

At the moment your background might be project management, event management or office management. You may have a sales background or an HR background. The thing to remember is that in every one of these roles you created systems and processes to better support the role and therefore the business. And it’s this mindset that you’ll carry with you as you set up your Administrative Consultancy.

You might not know the nuts and bolts of setting up a business right now. But the ACE Academy will help you with that and everything you learn in the programme can be applied to your clients’ businesses. That’s the beauty of it!

To find out for sure whether you have the right experience, why not take the Skills Questionnaire now. It’ll make you think about what skills and experience you already have that will be of use to your future clients. You can access the Questionnaire here and your responses will be sent directly to your inbox.

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